Tunisie Autoroutes


What to do in case of a breakdown?

Pull over to the emergency lane or a refuge.
Notify the highway services through the emergency call network or by calling the toll-free number 80 100 120.
To help the response team locate you accurately, provide your exact location using the Kilometer Point indicator, which is visible along the highway.
Under no circumstances should you attempt to cross the highway.
Stay behind the safety barriers and do not attempt to re-enter your vehicle.

How to contact Tunisia Highways customer service?

You can contact Tunisia Highways customer service:

  • By visiting one of our stores.
  • By calling 80 100 120.
  • by writing to us from the “Complaints” section of our website www.Tunisieautoroutes.com
How do I get an electronic toll tag?
Your Tunisie Autoroutes electronic toll tag will be issued immediately at the point of sale, subject to receipt of supporting documents.
I want to inquire about the telepeage badge. Where can I find the information?
You can access all the information on the website www.Tunisie Autoroutes
What are the advantages of the telepeage badge?
Save 10% on your regular journeys.
How can I subscribe?
Tunisia Highways provides several sales channels:
  • Through telepeage stores.
  • Through customer service areas.
How can I contact your customer service?
You can contact Tunisia Highways Customer Service:
  • By visiting one of the stores.
  • By calling us at the toll-free number 80 100 120.

What is the commitment period ?
No time commitment.
What to do in case of theft or loss?
In the event of loss or theft, you can block the use of your badge using a form provided by Tunisie Autoroutes in your customer area, or you can call the toll-free number 80 100 120. On receipt of your call, the badge will be deactivated.

How to position the badge on the windshield?
Regardless of your vehicle class, use a telepeage lane.
  • TOP-UP :

How to Top-up my telepeage badge?
Tunisia Highways offers you 4 methods to top-up your telepeage badge:
  • Direct top-up from telepeage sales points.
  • Electronic top-up from the D’Click application
  • Electronic top-up from the USSD application
  • Electronic top-up from the Tunisia Highways customer portal

What is the advantage of electronic billing ?
With electronic billing, you save on postal charges for the delivery of your monthly invoice and trip statements to your home.
When and how am I billed ?

For each transaction, an invoice will be generated and archived, and you can download it at any time through the Customer Service (Customer.Tunisia Highways) portal.

How can I get my bill ?
You can access your bill at any time by logging into your customer portal (Customer.Tunisia Highways) and clicking on the (History) section, then selecting the bill you want and clicking on Print.

What should I do if I've forgotten my password to access my customer account?
If you have forgotten your password, simply click on ‘Forgot Password?’ when logging into your Customer Portal and follow the provided instructions.
How can I access my customer account?

To access the online services available in your Customer Portal, simply enter your email address and password.

Your password was sent to you by email at the time of your subscription, regardless of the subscription channel. If you haven’t received it yet, please check your spam folder. Your Tunisia Highways Customer Number can be found on your Tunisia Highways telepeage invoice and in the email notifying you of the availability of your bills.


How to locate telepeage sales points ?

Tunisie Autoroutes has made 12 electronic toll sales points available to its customers:

Point of sale at Tunisie Autoroutes head office,

  1. Centre Urbain Nord
  2. Mornag barrier sales point
  3. Hergla barrier sales point
  4. Sousse barrier sales point
  5. Msaken barrier sales point
  6. Sidi Salah barrier outlet
  7. ElFajjah barrier outlet
  8. Sidi Thabet barrier outlet
  9. Menzel Jemil barrier outlet
  10. Gabes sales outlet
  11. Agareb sales outlet
  12. Beja sales outlet